Interview With Peter Vincent

This interview was done on Sep 29, 2009 for the Rockport-artists website.

When you talk about Peter Vincent’s work, there are often two subjects. The emotion and feeling in the fishermen’s faces that he creates and the detail that he puts into his works. His work primarily has focused around the lives and work of Gloucester and Nova Scotia fishermen, creating seascapes that take you back in time when schooners filled the harbors and give you a small glimpse of what life would have been as one of these men. With a background creating print etchings, Peter has taken the same stroke to his paintings, working on 2” x 2” sections at a time with hundreds of tiny lines that build his works.  Vincent’s love for the ocean, its power and beautiful, are reflected in the stories that he creates on his masonite canvases.

Here are 8 questions with Peter Vincent:



On Deck

Who or what influenced you in becoming a painter?
My father and Don Stone where major influences on my painting. George Demetrios was a big part of my sketching. Sketching and drawing are the building or framework of a painting. I really like the look of Andrew Wyeth paintings and narratives told in images by Norman Rockwell.

Men in Boats

Men in Boats

What creatively inspires and motivates you in your work?
That’s a difficult question. I do not have one influence. Lately, Andrew Wyeth’s sketch books have been. I love the detail of his work. I really got into the detail of his people. What I like about sketch book is that it shows the backbone of the painting.

What are some of the influences for your current work?
The desire for the original images, not making and doing something that no one else was doing. Like my father used to say, the painting needs a mind of its own.

What is your greatest fear?
Fear, I fear the unknown and the dangerous. Kind of like a Alfred Hitchcock movie or like sharks in the ocean with you, are they going swim past you or are they going to take a bite out of you.


What music are you listening to?
I am not listening to any music right now. When I am, I am listening to Frank Sinatra, Chaplin, or Simon & Garfunkel.

Two Racing

What are you reading?
I am reading some books on medical heath care and fishing. A lot of history books, Gloucester fisherman, American history, World War II, and no one can go wrong with 2000 Leagues Under the Sea. I am interested in books on the business of spying and secrecy during war times, I guess that falls under WW II.

What roll does Rockport play in your work?
On the ocean, sailing, being out to the water, the down to earth and great people of Rockport. Some of the guys that I have painted are from the area, mostly are from Gloucester.

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